A Dining Celebration: Entertaining at home again

Kinship Collective a dining celebration
Finally we are able to host our friends and our families again. Poignant reunions, casual meet ups- the pure luxury of sharing with others. And, it always revolves around food. A natural way to offer comfort and caring to others.
As we dip our toes back into a social lifestyle, we also want to take care of ourselves and others. Many people are simplifying their dinner menus and choosing to spend quality time with their guests - offering a combination of homemade, store bought and pre-made food and drinks. Making it simple, but, festive. Going over the top with decorations to create a cosy, personal feeling. Adding candles, textiles, and flowers which are great for creating warmth and atmosphere.
Here are our top tips for decorating your table to create a warm, festive dining experience:

Placemats are a must! They create such an inviting setting and really finish the table.

100% natural textile napkins add an element of luxe and are eco-friendly and can be washed and re-used for the next meal.

We love mixing and matching napkin colours and plates. Bold, strong colors add a punch to your table setting.

Candles, different shapes and sizes spread all over the table. We love the new coloured, twisty candles.

Small vases with fresh, seasonal flowers- also feel free to overdo it. Many small bouquets in various unmatched containers. What about using fresh flowers tied with twine as your napkin holder?

Use your imagination. It’s all good. And remember. This is a celebration. We are here to spend time with the people that we love- not in the kitchen. Enjoy the party! We are definitely here for the party.

Our tableware collection is developed in collaboration with Naenna Studios, our partner working with female artisans in the north of Thailand. Beautifully hand dyed, tie dyed napkins and placemats to mix and match to create a personal and heartfelt statement to your guests. All handwoven from 100% hemp- one of the best textiles for the planet- the texture and natural feel of linen, and even better for your conscience. Shop all tableware here.

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