Bedding Guide: Style with Cushions & Throws

Making your bed every morning gives you a small sense of pride by accomplishing the first task of the day. In that sense it is a form of self-care and a reinforcement of that the little things in life do matter. Let us inspire you with some different styles to try!


Bolsters and lumbars for the bed is the latest trend! They create a symmetry and you can easily place two smaller at the back or why not go with one long across the whole bed? A formula that always works is four sleeping pillows and then one long bolster at the front.


After you have added the comfort base of the bed consisting of crisp sheets, make sure to add a woven throw or blanket for warmth and texture. However, make sure it is not too neatly folded across the bed. The latest trend is to not make it look too formal but rather casually draped across the sheets.


Whether it’s a stacked pyramid look or a simple symmetric row, adding throw pillows brings more dimension to any bedding look by adding texture, pattern, and color. But how many? Odd numbers are magic when it comes to styling, and maybe stick to under six in total in a King and three for a Single. Mix different shapes, sizes, designs and textures.



In interior magazines and on influencer profiles we see that many choose to tuck their pillows under their bed covers. And then they casually throw on decorative cushions and lumbars for a relaxed retro look. Just like your mom used to do! 

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