Get inspired, Get Cozy: Our Fall Must Haves

The colour transition of foliage and the arrival of chilly winds have made us start thinking about the "must have" trends for the Fall season. So, snuggle up and get inspired!
This grand-millenial style is perfect for that cozy fall feeling. It is about taking interiors most often seen in grandma’s house and transforming them into modern décor by pairing with modern pieces. This could mean adding traditional chairs to a minimalistic dining table, or some Kinship cushions and throws to a thrifted leather armchair.
As some of us continue to work from home, while at the same time spending more time indoors, creating a separate space for work and leisure becomes ever more important to be able to get cozy when we are done for the day. A room divider is the perfect solution, and can be a lovely interior addition.
Cozy knitwear makes the transition from early fall to chilly days a true pleasure. Make it a conscious choice by choosing second hand or use your dad's or boyfriend's old sweaters. Or just snuggle up in one of our super soft Chyangra blankets made of 100% cashmere.
Travel may never again be what we have experienced before. But just as we have seen “revenge” shopping, most are looking forward to "revenge" travel. Make your travels more sustainable by planning thoroughly, traveling shorter distances, choosing eco-friendly accommodation and packing less.

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