Lesley Pennington

 It started with a seedling of an idea, and a dream. 10 years ago Lesley Pennington was running a successful ecommerce company that she had founded. The focus of that company was to sell textile products to a worldwide market. 

 During her time at that company she learned so much about textiles and the textile industry. And, she became passionate about ethical and sustainable business. And the women that were making the textiles. And, the amazing, historical, culturally important world of textiles and textile design.

 Lesley also realised that women in vulnerable communities were responsible for the production of the majority of the worlds textiles, and that most of them were working in unfair, underpaid conditions. That generations of local textile expertise and tradition were being lost as women worked in factories producing fast fashion-  mass market, consumer products for us.

 Lesley decided that the next company that she founded would be focused on Social Impact- changing the status quo and making a difference for women in textiles. Kinship Collective is the culmination of that dream.

 She is the first founder of Kinship Collective. But, Kinship is a collective and a collective is defined as a group of people working together to achieve a common objective.  We wouldn't have been able to get Kinship Collective off the ground without the support of the artisans, our fantastic changemakers, the entire extended team at Kinship, and our Kickstarter supporters.

 So, for that reason we celebrate those people- our early supporters, and believers in our mission- the ones that trust us to make a difference and stand beside us. They are also the founders of our Collective. The ambassadors of our dream, and the carriers of the message.

 Thank You to our Founders, Ambassadors and Believers. We couldn’t make this journey without you. We wouldn’t want to make this journey without you!

Let’s make change together.

 Kinship Collective Founders-

  • Lesley Pennington
  • Katarina Wiklund
  • Fanny Franka
  • Monica Garry
  • Carol Cassidy
  • Christina Merker-Siesjö
  • Cia Borgstrom
  • Kent Gregory
  • Alex Arquati
  • Lisa Andersson
  • Sofie Schafer
  • Sandra Planeta
  • Mollee Bekele
  • fredrik eriksson
  • Patricia Terris
  • Per Hultgren
  • Sie Elming
  • Tobias Edvardsson
  • Christoffer Hemmila
  • Martha Klinger
  • Elisabeth Lahti Davidsson
  • Gabriella Nylander
  • Susanna Neill
  • Maria Reimers
  • Robert Ovefors
  • Eric Selken
  • Katarina Malmgren
  • Christina Cole
  • Fredrika Erlandsson
  • Barbara McNinch
  • Ying Cheng
  • Pippa Kitaruth
  • Brenda Wallén
  • Katy Caroan
  • Oren Ziv
  • Rose Shannon
  • Mike Bolasina
  • fiorella callocchia
  • Susanne Fuglsang
  • Kal Mannis
  • Miriam Grut Norrby
  • lidia oshlyansky
  • Kelly Stinnett
  • Annicka Cruciata
  • Ankie Bandstigen
  • Russ Bawks
  • Jeanette holm
  • David Armour
  • Sarah Gangl
  • Nadia Dyberg
  • Camilla Sundström
  • Pao-Ling Röjdmark
  • Helena Håkansson
  • Joe Nicoletti
  • Charlotta Rosen
  • Cydney Sloane
  • Karin Kronborg
  • Sanna Reimers Hultgren
  • Denise Goodchild
  • Ina engelbrektson
  • Sally Harris
  • Kelly Landry
  • Roxanne Ivory
  • Sara Herring
  • Elizabeth Dacey
  • liselotte engstam
  • Marlon Weinstabl
  • Vaughn Macburnie
  • Valerie Storey
  • Sophia Goth
  • Monica Saffar
  • Åsa Uhlin
  • Nikki Cotanche
  • Anna Trigona
  • Staffan Hillberg