Business model: Direct-to-consumer

We work with female artisans and producers to co-create exclusive, one-of a kind cushion covers, throws and blankets for the home. Handmade in a sustainable, ethical process. Designed and sewn in collaboration with women in vulnerable and underserved communities worldwide. Ensuring that money and support goes directly to the artisans. And, we provide market access for those products. A global marketplace where their products will be available for sale to customers worldwide. Direct access to customers for the artisans - and, a direct to consumer business model for our customers. No in-between middlemen price increases for our customers and no in-between middlemen agency fees that take money out of the pockets of the artisans. Everyone wins!

Additionally, we collaborate with artisans and production partners that are already participating in a social impact business model in order to ensure that the artisans and production team directly benefit from the sales of the textiles or products.We ensure that the money from product sales goes directly to the artisans. Kinship will be fully transparent about our artisan and production partners, and our supply chain.

Direct access to customers for the Artisans

Direct access to customers for the Artisans

Kinship Collective provides work for the artisans through the sales of cushion covers, blankets and throws. The current international poverty line is $1.90 per day. One single purchase from Kinship means that a female artisan will earn enough money from that sale to rise above the poverty line for weeks, possibly months (some of our artisans are paid by salary and some are paid per piece) Every purchase provides work for women in marginalised communities.