What do you get when you combine passion for social impact, unique design and female empowerment?

Say hi to Kinship Collective.

Welcome to your ethical home interior brand. We are committed to creating work of value for women, and creating a platform to lift them and offer them more control of their future. Community by community, we partner with changemakers and female artisans around the world. Collaborating and creating unique interior textiles. A beautiful combination of the artisans traditional style & techniques with the modern trends, made for the conscious customer. Made by hand and designed with soul and purpose, each creation tells a story. We believe our homes should be reflections of our journeys through life. We call it intentional living.

Our purpose:

“Kinship exists to empower women by providing employment and income opportunities in underserved communities, while preserving endangered cultural heritages” 


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Why do we matter?

Women’s participation in the workforce is essential in making big and lasting change, not only for themselves, but for all people.

If women around the world participated in labor markets at the same rate as men, $28 trillion—or 26%—would be added to the global economy by 2025

Women represent a disproportionate share of people in poverty, and are more likely to face hunger, violence, and the impacts of disaster and climate change. COVID-19 will be responsible for pushing an additional 71-100 million people around the world into extreme poverty. This is an international crisis.

We want to effect change.

The artisan sector is the second-largest market opportunity in the developing world worth over $32 billion every year. Where women represent the majority of workers in the artisan sector. International trade in artisan goods more than doubled between 2002 and 2012 with over 65% of artisan activity taking place in developing economies.

Investing in artisan businesses and marginalised women creates jobs, increases local incomes, brings women into the work force, and preserves ancient cultural traditions that in many places are at risk of being lost.

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