Kinship Collective

long term, sustainable change

Our mission is to keep the artisans continuously employed, and to support them to not only live above the poverty line, but to be empowered to further develop their abilities and skills and create their own opportunities for personal and economic growth.

Our platform allows us to create long term change through the delivery of social impact programmes for the artisans which are funded by donations from Kinship Collective to Kinship Foundation. Kinship Foundation has been set up to allow Kinship Collective to donate a percentage of our income from the sales of the cushions, throws and blankets towards social programmes, and long term support for the artisans.

Every time a customer makes a purchase at Kinship they will be able to select the programme to which they would like us to donate- Education, Care or Entrepreneurship. The donations will be held in trust at Kinship Foundation and then distributed to the artisans via the programmes, based on artisan request, and according to need. Kinship will be fully transparent with these funds, and will inform our customers about the funded social impact programmes via our website and customer newsletter. The artisan groups and Changemakers will be encouraged to communicate a list of needs/opportunities for support within the chosen focus areas, and together we will determine the donations according to benefit/need and the measured effect for success.