Sustainability and Ethics

Over the last couple of decades, there’s been an increase in the awareness of the adverse environmental impact of mass production, and with it, the understanding that traditional techniques are more environmentally friendly.

We choose to work with social impact groups where we can ensure that the artisans and producers are working in good working conditions, and are paid fairly for their work. Wherever possible we will strive to use sustainable textiles and natural dyes. We will focus first on the ethical side of textile production- handmade textiles that create opportunities for women in marginalised communities. As we build relationships, we will endeavour to affect the supply chain (especially for textiles and dyes) to become more sustainable.


Our Supply Chain

We work with artisans and production partners that are already participating in a social impact business model in order to ensure that the artisans and production team directly benefit from the sales of the textiles or products. We ensure that the money from product sales goes directly to the artisans. Kinship will be fully transparent about our artisan and production partners, and our supply chain.

Our Products

Exclusive, one-of a kind cushion covers, throws and blankets for the home. Handmade in a sustainable, ethical process. Designed and sewn in collaboration with women in vulnerable and underserved communities worldwide.

Our Collections

Our first collections are designed together with artisans in Nepal, Laos and the Pwo Karen hill tribe in Thailand. They are sewn by women at Yalla Trappan in Malmö, Sweden- women that are refugees or immigrants integrating into a new community.

We will present future collaborations worldwide in the coming months. We will continue to co-create with artisans and production partners that participate in social impact business models where the artisans and production team themselves are directly benefiting from the sales of the textiles or products, and are actively involved in the process.