Cashmere/Wool Throw- Blush

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Exceptionally soft, lightweight, with exquisite natural sheen, our cashmere throws are the most luxurious of all our handwoven products. There is nothing more treasured than cashmere when it comes to woollen textiles. Our cashmere throws are handwoven in Nepal by Nepalese artisans using time-honoured techniques and are a blend of soft and luxurious cashmere with wool added for strength and durability. 

Cashmere blankets are one of the warmest and softest blankets on Earth. They are finer, stronger, lighter, softer and approximately three times more insulating than sheep wool. Our cashmere throw is a “must have” for snuggling up on the sofa during chilly winter nights- while looking fabulous and socially conscious at the same time.

Handwoven by artisans working with Noble Fibre in Nepal
Designed in collaboration with Kinship and Noble Fibre

50% Cashmere/50% Wool

127cm x 203cm / 50in x 80in

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