Chyangra Cashmere Throw- Mustard

3 400 kr

The luxury of 100% handwoven cashmere.
Handmade in Nepal by female artisans in a women owned business.
Our latest collaboration combines the best of sustainable and ethical production with the luxury of one of our planet’s finest natural textiles- cashmere. 

This is a one of a kind, handcrafted piece made with pride and care to last a lifetime. 

Size: 110cm x 180cm

Handwoven by artisans working with Women Weave in Nepal
Designed in collaboration with Kinship and Women Weave

About the sustainability of the cashmere-
The raw cashmere  is sourced from inner Mongolia and the yarns come from Chyangra goats (Cashmere goats). While harvesting the cashmere, they are not harmed in any way- in fact it is necessary to shear the goats to protect their health. Every year, there is a season when the cashmere is harvested. One goat can give cashmere up to seven years, which is also their life span. Since, they are animals of cold regions, every summer they are sheared because it is also good for them to adapt with the climate.
These cashmere goats are raised in inner Mongolia where there are abundant grazing lands and a system of shifting the grazing land each season so that they can maintain the growth of grass in the place where they graze their animals.