CAPSULE COLLECTION- Mudmee Silk Cushion- Jade

2 000 kr

A limited collection of Mudmee silk lumbar cushions handwoven in northern Thailand. Mudmee weaving is the oldest form of pattern weaving in Thailand, dating back about 3,000 years. 

Mudmee silk is used by contemporary fashion designers around the world for their finest creations and is considered by many to be the finest Thai silk woven. It takes almost 30 days of work for a piece of fabric. Every process is handmade and complicated.

The handwoven Mudmee silk for our cushions has been sourced from Her Majesty Queen Sirikits Foundation which works to preserve traditional thai handcraft and provide income to women from rural villages. 

35cm x90cm (14in x 36in)

100% Handwoven silk