Sativa Tie-dye Cushion- Ebony

500 kr

Hand dyed 100% natural hemp cushions.

Hemp has been called the “new” wonder fiber, and rightly so. The plant uses minimal water, is pest-resistant, and fast-growing. Hemp possesses great strength, softness and durability while its weight and drape are similar to linen and the fabric softens with age and use. And, Of course, it dyes beautifully.

Our Ebony cushions are tie dyed using ebony seeds, an ancient method of dyeing particularly in Northern Thailand. Women often cultivated the shrub in their gardens for dyeing both cotton and silk. The ebony fruit berries are  crushed into a pulp and mixed with lye (alkali). Water is added and the mix stirred, after which the cotton skeins were immersed for three days, being frequently turned to ensure an even colour.

In collaboration with Studio Naenna in Thailand.

40cm x 60cm/ 16in x 24in