Sativa Tie-dye Cushion- Mustard

500 kr

Hand dyed 100% natural hemp cushions.

Hemp has been called the “new” wonder fiber, and rightly so. The plant uses minimal water, is pest-resistant, and fast-growing. Hemp possesses great strength, softness and durability while its weight and drape are similar to linen and the fabric softens with age and use. And, Of course, it dyes beautifully.

Our Mustard cushions are tie dyed with the wood from the jackfruit plant. Use of Jackfruit as a dye has reemerged in recent years. Although the fruit is still widely eaten - its use as a dye had all but disappeared.  Recently it was discovered that jackfruit wood contains the strong yellow dye (not the fruit as people had told them). The fantastic news is that this wood is in abundance and a waste product of local jackfruit farming - so this is not only a wonderful healthy yellow dye but also puts waste to use. 

In collaboration with Studio Naenna in Thailand.

40cm x 60cm/ 16in x 24in