Sativa Tie-dye Placemat- Mustard

300 kr

Kinship and Naenna have collaborated to create a fresh take on tie dye for your table. Beautifully hand dyed, tie dyed napkins and placemats to mix and match to create a personal and heartfelt statement to your guests.

These placemats are made from 100% hemp- one of the best textiles for the planet- the texture and natural feel of linen, and even better for your conscience. 

Hemp has been called the “new” wonder fiber, and rightly so. The plant uses minimal water, is pest-resistant, and fast-growing. Hemp possesses great strength, softness and durability while its weight and drape are similar to linen and the fabric softens with age and use. And, of course, it dyes beautifully.

Naenna Studios works with traditional methods and hand dyeing found in Northern Thailand. Our wonderful mustard shade is made with the tree bark from the JackFruit Tree. Generations of skill and expertise go into these time honoured recipes for natural colour. No chemicals, no mass processes- just handmade recipes passed down from generation to generation.

Our placemats have a single contrasting handstitch to lift the handmade feeling. Everything is designed to mix and match- so you can create your own personal statement for your table- and your guests.