Meet Mao from Weavers Project, Cambodia

Mao is one of the six original artisans at Weavers Project. She was one of the first local changemakers who became a role model of success for others in her village. 

Mao lives in Prey Teat village in Takeo province and has 6 daughters. Four of them left school before grade 9 and went to work in a local factory. Three of them are married, and she has two grandchildren. Her two younger daughters are still in school and her dream is to send them to the university, not to the garment factories like her four elder daughters. This dream is one of the motivators, and a source of inspiration for her work.

Mao has been raising her children completely on her own- her income is the sole source of income in the family. In spite of her personal challenges, she is positive and hopeful for her future.

An interesting fact about Mao- she loves design and is one of the most creative weavers at Weavers Project. She loves to conceptualise and create new designs. 

The Pech Cushion in burnt sienna woven by Mao.

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