Weavers Project in Cambodia

The Weavers Project is a weaving initiative cofounded by Paul Gill of Sonas World and the Meas Family in Cambodia - a collaboration that lifts change makers and artisans from the local community.  

Their business model is built on the creation of sustainable communities where they can work with and develop under utilized talent - thereby unleashing the true potential of these communities without external intervention. This model led to the establishment of a model community and the Weavers Project in Takeo. Weavers Project is a groundbreaking project which leverages the power of a global entrepreneurial mindset that is grounded on local knowledge.
At Weavers Project , each Fairtrade compliant textile is hand-woven with ethically sourced materials by the talented team, with the aim of blending traditional Cambodian heritage with modern designs. They are committed to providing their team of female artisans with a regular stream of income, important skills training and a foundation to build their own futures and drive growth in the local community.

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