Yalla Trappan wins the prestigious Swedish Gender Equality Award 2021!

One of our changemakers and partners Yalla Trappan was recently awarded the Swedish Prize for Gender Equality. This distinction was awarded to Yalla Trappan because they provide a path to employment and economic independence for a group of women who otherwise would have restricted access to the employment market. The jury chairwoman Camilla Wagner explains that women who have immigrated to Sweden have a more difficult time to get a job than other societal groups. Yalla Trappan has managed to reach these women and has made it possible for them to build their own work identity, become economically independent, and take power over their own lives. This has had many positive carry on effects, not only for the women themselves, but for their children who see their mothers as role models, and for the surrounding community.

We, at Kinship Collective, are so proud to work with these astounding women.

Yalla Trappan Women Working

Yalla Trappan is a social enterprise located in the heart of Rosengård, an ethnically segregated part of Malmö, Sweden. Since the start in 2010, Yalla Trappans goal has been to provide work for immigrant women who would otherwise have severe difficulties entering the labor market. Organized as a women’s cooperative, Yalla Trappan is built on democratic values such as participation, co-determination and solidarity. The Yalla Trappan projects are focused on women’s entrepreneurship, integration, empowerment, education and equality. Yalla Trappan now employs 40 women and has set up a mentorship and licensing scheme to spread the model across Sweden and beyond.

"There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish." – Michelle Obama

Kinship Collective creates real change by ensuring sustainable incomes and community for women who need the extra support.

Yalla Trappan is one of our partners who makes this possible. We have left all our final production and shipping and handling in the hands of these incredible women. A great way for us to contribute further and for them to get hands-on experience within production and logistics management. 

This year, we are not  surprised that Yalla Trappan was awarded the 2021 Swedish Prize for Equality. We send congratulations to all of the wonderful women at Yalla Trappan. So well deserved!

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You can read more about Yalla Trappan on their website and the Swedish Prize for Equality here:

Yalla Trappan

The Swedish Prize for Equality

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